Methods and Avenues of Conflict Resolution

As humanity moves into a new historical-astrological cycle, from the Piscean Period to the Age of Aquarius, there remains throughout the world a number of unresolved conflicts linked to the past. These protracted conflicts have become crystallised. Such conflicts exist at many levels: political, social, economic, ideological, and strategic. These levels interact and reinforce each other. For humanity to advance fully and all together into the New Age, these crystallised conflicts which exist both within individuals and outside of them as social structures must be dissolved. The chief symbol or metaphor for the dissolution of the crystals of conflict is that of the alchemist melting metal in order to transform it into a higher form. The alchemist works both externally and internally upon himself. The fire, the liquid, the metal are also symbols of the conditions within the mind and heart. Conflict transformation thus requires an inner dissolution of outdated attitudes and emotions as well as the outer transformations of political, social, and economic structures. This series reviews books which help develop the alchemic skills of conflict transformation.

Article titleArticle author

Being in the Middle by Being at the EdgeSue and Steve Williams
The Courage for PeaceLouise Diamond
Conflict Resolution : Dynamics, Process and StructureHo-Won Jeong (Ed.)
Conflict Mediation Across Cultures : Pathways and PatternsDavid W. Augsburger
Cultural Disarmament : The Way to PeaceRaimon Panikkar
Ethnicity and Intra-State Conflicts : Types, Causes and Peace StrategiesHakan Wiberg and Christian Scherrer (Eds.)
Conflict TransformationKumar Rupesinghe
The Dynamics of Conflict ResolutionBernard Mayer
Peoples, Peace and PowerDiana Francis
The Way It Is.Jude Antonyappan
Transcend and transform: An Introduction to Conflict WorkJohan Galtung
Peace and Stability Through Human and Minority Rights.Max Van der Stoel
The Space Between UsCynthia Cockburn
Cultural Politics in International Relations.Paul Sheeran
Can Democracy Be Designed?Sunil Bastian & R. Luckham
Culture and Politics.Jan-Erik Lane & S. Ersson
The Heart of Conflict : A Spirituality of TransformationElinor D.U. Powell
Getting in the Way : Stories from Christian Peacemaker Teams Tricia Gates Brown
Choosing to Engage : Armed Groups and Peace Processes Robert Ricigliano
The Challenges of the NGO Peacebuilding Oliver P. Richmond and Henry F. Carey (Eds)
Two Aspirins and a Comedy : How Television Can Enhance Health and Society Metta Spencer
Civilizing Peace Building : Twenty-first Century Global Politics Wendy M. Sargent
World Without Wars Dr Leo Rebello(Ed.).
Confronting Power : The Practice of Policy Advocacy Jeff Unsicher
Breathing : Violence In, Peace Out Ivana Milojevic
Embattled Saints: My Year with the Sufis of AfghanistanKenneth P. Lizzio
Conflict Assessment and Peacebuilding Planning: Toward a Participatory Approach to Human SecurityLisa Schirch
Integrated PeacebuildingCraig Zelizer(Ed.)
Like Water on StoneJonathan Power
Creating the Beloved Community : A Journey with the Fellowship of Reconciliation Paul R. Dekar
Terror and ViolenceA. Strathern, P. Stewart, N. Whitehead(Eds).
Social Innovations in Cultural Process: Strategies for The Development and Survival Anatoly V. Malafeev and Vladimir I. Ionesov (Eds.)
Choosing the Lesser Evil : Understanding Decision-Making in Humanitarian Aid NGOs Liesbet Heyse
Literature and International Relations Paul Sheeran
Pathways to Reconciliation: Between Theory and Practice P. Rothfield, C. Fleming, P. Komesaroff (Eds).
The Fire: The Bombing of Germany 1940-1945) Jorg Friedrich (Translated by Allison Brown)
Harmonious Civilization Leo Semashko
Capacity Development in Practice J. Ubels, N.-A. Acquaye-Baddao, A. Fowler (Eds.).
Self- Liberation : Is There Any Other Kind ? Rene Wadlow
Create Space for Peace Rene Wadlow
Political Journeys Fred Halliday
Violence: Analysis, Intervention and Prevention Sean Byrne and Jessica Sene hi
Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Context Eileen Babbitt and Ellen Luts (Eds.)
Literature and International Relations Paul Sheeran