Another Life Force : The Orphic Poems of Transnational-Perspectives

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The Oracle of the Brook in the WillowsIlse Pracht-Fitzell
A LittleEsther Gress
BridgesOndra Lysohorsky
In the Middle of the NightVerona Bratesch
DisillusionJuliane Chakravorty
To ForgiveRobert Muller
Winter TearsIngrind Springorum
Fires are BurningIlma Hendi
Be StillNicola Beechsquirrel
The Drunken Soliloquy of Prince CharmingCarole Rose Livingston
Two Persons Talking TogetherMarianne Larsen
Emptiness, Meditation, ActionKalzang Gyatso
Dream after DreamJuliane Chakravorty
The Mad WolfJanet Pehr
I WillCarmen Wilcox
Orpheus.Giovanni Malito
OverCarmen Wilcox
In The Small MeadowJanet Pehr
I Write Because I Have ToBurton R. Hoffmann
SightMel Yosso
Game Of Chess.Juliana Modoi
An Invitation.Nicola Beechsquirrel
After The StormJanet Pehr
EarthVerona Bratesch
Be StrongNicola Beechsquirrel
A Bunch of Flowers on the TableOndra Lysohorsky
SolitudeJuliane Chakravorty
The RegularJanet Pehr
Trembling BetweenJuliane Chakravorty
Declaration of FaithF. Crompthout
Parchment PreservationRosemary Wilkinson
Before I Grow OldNicola Beechsquirrel
The Rainbow WarriorsNicola Beechsquirrel
To A Dead TreeCarmen Wilson
AstarteTerry Burke
Another Life ForceRobert A. Nevers
TimeNicola Beechsquirrel
The MistTerry Burke
One Of Those DaysJanet Pehr
ExileJuliane Chakravorty
GraffitiJuliane Chakravorty
ArtJuliane Chakravorty
The RoseJuliane Chakravorty
StrangersJuliane Chakravorty
EverywhereJuliane Chakravorty
Two CulturesDirk van Nouhuys
God Bless the ChildrenSheila Craft
Again and AgainJanet M. Pehr
Longing for Far AwayVerona Bratesch
In Living ColorAlex Jankiewicz
Any ? Either ? Both ?Hugh McKinley
WhateverDolores Dahl
One More DayDolores Dahl
SharingDolores Dahl
ShellJuliane Chakravorty
SundayVerona Bratesch
SanctuariesNicola Beechsquirrel
The Gypsy-AngelsLuminita Mihai Cioaba
Royal LiliesLuminita Mihai Cioaba
MeadowDavid Sparenberg
Re-InventingDeanne Bayer
War DesireRosemarie Brinkmann
Dreams For Sale Stephen Gill
Recipe For The EarthTimothy Hodor
An Afternoon in MarchTheresa Wolfwood
What was it really ?Zorica Sentic
How clear is the vision !Cindy Sparrow
Dedicated Few Deloris Selinsky
WillMarienne Kreitlow
TrustUte Kaboolain
In The NowTasha Halpert
Life is to liveDavid Hauenstein
Life As OneUte Kaboolian
MagicUte Kaboolian
One Humanity Means SolidarityDavid Allen Stringer
HiakuDavid Hauenstein
AnswersDavid Sparenberg
My DreamInspirada
Christmas Has GoneInspirada
A Cob-WebJuliane Chakravorty
Missing YouInspirada
Lost in LoveInspirada
Life BeginsInspirada
HavenSusan Chandel
Orion Alexandra Pereira
What is TrueDolores Dahl
Coming On David Sparenberg
On Hearing Again Beethoven's Ode To Joy David Sparenberg
Lead Us Not Into ExtinctionDavid Sparenberg
Gestalt Of The DialogueDavid Sparenberg
Re-InventingDeanne Bayer
Sacred Psychology David Sparenberg
A History of Protest in my Life David Sparenberg
New HorizonDavid Sparenberg
Watching Second GradersDavid Sparenberg
Dressed for the OccasionDavid Sparenberg
Easter 2010David Sparenberg
UrgencyDavid Sparenberg
Earth is Our Common Home Rene Wadlow
Passing ByDavid Sparenberg
Playing the PastTeruko Anderson-Jones
Who was it ?William Linville
Where Mayakovcky LivesMichael Hill
Thus we enjoin on you.B. Das
Turning tide David Sparenberg
All Flowers David Sparenberg
Love Opens Up The WayJ.H. Carters
Dawning J. H. Carters
Deepening Appreciation Stephen Sacks
The Problem for Us Stephen Sacks
Playing the Past Taruko Anderson-Jones
Spring Blossoming Teruko Anderson-Jones
Will Marienne Kreitlow
The Tao Among The Weeds Mukundan
There is a Thing Rob Morrow
The Poet has a Special Blessed GiftAdolf Shvedehikov
The Enigma of a Naked Body. Adolf Shvedehikov
The Dead are not gone foreverBirago Diop